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Auxiliary, Accessories

offer a large choice of calibration and testing solutions, ionic strength adjustors, buffer solutions, cleaning and storage solutions, reference and salt bridge solutions, and other chemical materials which are required and used for analytical procedures, appliing the former mentioned sensors, as well as for general purpose.

  • Calibration solutions for ion selective electrodes measurement
  • pH Adjustors,
  • TISAB Reference solutions, salt bridge solutions
  • Calibration solutions, heavy metals, conductivity, redox
  • Reference solutions and salt bridge solutions
  • Ionic strength adjustors for ISE measurement
  • pH Buffer solutions, certificated to Merck, Darmstadt, sets of buffers (3 pcs of various buffers)
  • Polishing set for solid state polarographic electrodes
  • Heavy metal standard solutions for polarographic analysis
  • Electrolytic conductivity calibration solutions
  • Redox potential calibration solution
  • Storage and cleaning solutions for pH and reference electrodes
  • pH Meters, redoxmeters, conductivity meters, ...
  • Connecting cables for electrodes, various connectors
  • Thermometric sensors