Elektrochemické detektory, s.r.o.
U Nádraží 1297, 51101 Turnov (sídlo)
U Nádraží 1297, 51101 Turnov (provozovna)
tel: +420 481 323 969
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IČO: 48168041
DIČ: CZ 48168041


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Welcome to Electrochemical Detectors, Ltd.

We are a company with more than thirty-nine years of experience in the field of electrochemistry, its research and development. Elektrochemické detektory, Ltd. deals with manufacturing and testing the analytical electrodes and accessories like: ion selective electrodes, glass pH, reference, metal, polarographic and voltametric, electrolytic conductivity, redox, dissolved oxygen electrodes, pH buffer, calibration and adjustor solutions, electrolytes, connecting cables etc.

Our specialization:

  • Ion selective electrodes
  • Metal electrodes
  • pH Glass electrodes
  • Reference electrodes
  • Polarographic electrodes
  • Redox Electrodes
  • Combined Auxiliary
  • Accessories


Contact Us:

Phone 00420 481 323 969

E-mail address: panoch@elektrochemicke-detektory.cz.