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  3. Metal electrodes
Silver metal electrodes

have a pure silver, 99,99 %, sensor. Their applications are for argentometric coulometric or potentiometric titrations of chloride, bromide, iodide, cyanide, cyanate, sulfocyanide and other ion with slightly soluble silver salts.

Electrodes are applicable to all commonly used pH-meters, titrators, coulometers and other analytical apparatus for argentometric titrations. Standard electrical connecting element is 0,8 to 1 mt. cable with banana, or BNC connector for combined electrodes. Others are as described above.

Metal sensors of these electrodes are manufactured from silver, pure, 99,99+% coated on an electrochemical way with argent chloride. Rod electrode, type 40-47 is enbodied in glass tube 5 mm o.d., active length 50 - 130 mm, equipped with sliding PTFE cone 7 mm, for different deep of sample.

Sensor is a silver rod o.d. 2 mm, length 20 mm. The 50-47 is the same, with Ag foil of 120 mm2 surface. The disc electrode type 70-47 is in glass body, 12 mm o.d., 120 mm length, with flat disc sensor 2 mm in diameter. Combined electrodes are in glass body, 12 mm o.d., equipped with 14 mm sliding cone, or without. Reference system is a mercurosulfate reference electrode, filled with potassium sulphate, saturated, with the ceramic diaphragma separation from the sample solution. The temperature range for combined sensors is 0 to 40 °C.

Standard electric connection is 0,8 to 1,0 mt. cable with banana plug for single electrodes, resp. BNC plug for combined one. Other connectors like in pH electrodes offer. Combined electrodes are manufactured with filling hole for refilling the reference electrolyte or in maintenanceless version as well, with no filling hole, filled with gel electrolyte, rich loaded with sufficient amount of solid electrolyte salt.

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