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  3. Redox electrodes
Redox electrodes, combined

The metal sensors of these electrodes are manufactured from pure platinum, Pt … resp. pure gold, Au … ones, glass or plastic enbodied, o.d. 12 mm, cap o.d. 16 mm, total length 145 mm. Other dimensions upon request. The electrodes equipped with 14 mm glass cone, these are suitable as well for polarographic measuring cells for using them as combined, "twin", reference – auxilliary electrodes, with PG 13,5 thread as well as other adapters are for using in apparatus measuring cells constructed for them. These specialities are to be mentioned in order, by words. Electrodes are for general application with all types of commonly used pH meters, mV meters and other relevant electrochemical apparatus.

Metal sensor, Pt or Au wire, 0,5 x 5 mm, measuring area 0,2 cm2, Pt foil 5 x 5 mm or Pt ring of 5 mm width, on glass tube 4 mm, reference unit argentchloride, Ag/AgCl, KCl, c = 3,0 mol/l. Plastic enbodied electrodes are constructed with gel electrolyte, mainteneceless, without filling hole. The same is for glass, gel electrolyte filled, maintenanceless redox electrodes. The electrodes for piercing, for paste-like materials redox measurement, are spear tip shapped. Semimicro ones have the sensor together with diafragma o.d. 6,5 mm and 70 mm length.

These are especially used for small amount of sample, for example in "Eppendorf" sample vessels. Flat surface disc platinum resp. gold sensors, 0,5 mm in diameter, are with enhanced mechanical resistance, designed for mechanical cleaning during long period of time measurement, in special adapters with brush cleaner, for example manufactured by firm Insa, Ltd. for process application.

Temperature range 0 to 80 °C, plastic 0 to 60 °C. Standard electrical connecting element is 0,8 to 1 mt. special low noice coaxial cable with BNC connector. Others like described in pH electrodes section.

Other construction changes, dimensions, adapters, glass ar PTFE cone 14 mm, threads and others available upon request, under docummentation, technical drawing or description, as mentioned in pH electrodes section.

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