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  3. Polarographic electrodes
Polarographic electrodes

solid state, carbon, golg, silver and platinum working ones, argentchloride, calomel and mercurosulphate reference, platinum auxiliary ones, and a scale of combined electrodes. They are new fashioned, small size compact enbodied, very sensitive sensors, widely applied for voltammetric analysis of electroactive matters, like heavy metals, organic compounds, ions, and many others.

Application of these devices includes analysis of agriculture, food, biological, biochemical and xenobiochemical, petrochemical, tribodiagnostic, environmental, metal industry, pharmaceutical, research samples, and many other analysis. Electrodes are especially constructed for extremly small or even no mercury consumption. Mercury or more electropositive analytes can be determined upon pure carbon or gold surface.

Standard electrical connecting element is 0,6 mt. cable with bananas or microbananas. The electrodes are designed for application in Metrohm, PolaroSensors, Gamma Analysen Technik, PAR and Ekom PA apparatus stands or any others with 14 mm cones head of measuring cell and 50 or 80 mm active length.

Working electrodes, solid state, disc surface are of general application for all commonly used polarographic apparatus. They are designed in compact PTFE body, which is equipped with 14 mm cone for putting the electrode into adapter of measuring cell. The electrodes are of 50 and 80 mm active length, for applying in PolaroSensors, Ekom PA, GAT, PAR, Metrohm and other apparatus measuring stands, with appropriate holes. Standard electrical connection is 0,6 mt. cable with banana or microbanana. The sensor of carbon working electrode is a high quality carbon disc 3 mm in diameter.

Gold and platinum working electrodes are with high purity gold or platinum discs 0,5 mm in diameter, silver electrodes have disc 2,0 mm in diameter. Carbon and gold electrodes can be used pure or as a mercury film carrier flat surface. Mercury is depositted on an electrochemical, "non destructing", way from very diluted mercuric salt solution, so the electrodes have a very small or even no mercury consumption.

Temperature range is 0 to 40 °C. For these solid state electrodes there is available polishing set, containing polishing pad, special polyurethane fixed fibres, polishing powder, Al2O3 , 0,5 µm particle size and polishing suspension with Al2O3, 1,1 µm particle size.

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